Lead Coaches

Lead Coach Guidelines
The purpose of the lead coach (league coordinator) is to assist the GYSO director and board by organizing their specific age group. The responsibilities include:

- Organizing teams into an equivalent number of players
    -Equal numbers of ages, sexes, skill levels as appropriate to the league
    -Adjusting teams if necessary during the season

- Recruiting coaches: sources include parent volunteers from the applications; high school and college students with soccer experience, or community members in good standing with soccer experience

- Assisting with score sheet distribution and collection:  score sheets are found in headquarters shack behind the bleachers

- Assisting GYSO director in disseminating information during the season

    -Cancellations due to weather

    -Picture information

    -Tournament schedules

    -End of season stipend distribution

- Answering questions from coaches and parents

- Forming final team rosters at the parents meeting (many players don’t sign up until that time).  These rosters should be e-mailed to the GYSO director by the end of the week of the parents meeting