Referee Info

Referee Guidelines

Shirt provided by GYSO
Black shorts
Soccer shoes
Player equipment 
Shinguards are required
Shirt should be worn over other clothing
Extra apparel may be worn as long as it does not endanger other players
Field, ball, players and officials
Field size is determined by the league director
Number of players is determined by league
Free substitution is allowed on any stoppage of play
One official is used for most games execpt for tournament and the middle-school leagues
Ball used for any league with a 3rd grader or younger is size 4
Ball used for all other leagues is size 5
Time of game
All leagues from 2nd grade up will play two 20 minute halves (running clock)
If the game is not started on time, it will be shortened to stop on time
5:30 games will end at 6:25 and 6:30 games will end at 7:25
No sliding tackles are allowed at any time
Offsides are called for clear violations
Throw in violations are called
Otherwise, Indiana Youth Soccer Rules apply
Philosophy and responsibilities 
Since GYSO is a recreational league, the primary responsibilities are threefold:
1.) Protect the safety of the players by applying the rules of the game
2.) Start and stop games on time so parents and players can plan pick-up and drop-off
3.) Educate players and parents in a positive way to highlight the fun soccer
Remember to apply the rules in a way that makes the game fun.  For younger players, this sometimes means explaining what went wrong and providing a second chance do demonstrate the correct procedure.  As players get older and have a better understanding of the rules, this becomes unneccessary.  Avoid calling trivial or obscure fouls or violations.  If you think the players will be confused, it is often better to let something go.